About ACME

Jassim & Abdulaal Cleaning & Maintenance Establishment (ACME) was founded in 1977 with a vision to be the leading facilities management company in the GCC. With over 35 years of experience in various industries we have perfected our procedures to ensure a satisfying service to our clients.


Mission: To provide soft facility management services that exceed the expectations of our clients while continuing to improve the quality of our services by developing our procedures and using innovative technology.

Vision: To be the leading facilities management company in the GCC and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our services to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.



  • Over 35 years of experience developed the quality of our services to ensure an always satisfied customer.
  • We offer services to various industries which ensures that we will have the experience to provide a quality service.
  • We offer cleaning services, pest control services, security services and hospitality services which will help our clients get all the services of a soft facility management from one company instead getting in the hassle of searching for multiple companies to offer the services they require.
  • We train our staff continually to ensure that our services will always develop to the better.
  • Customer service is one of our main priorities which will enable you to choose an appropriate packaged service while always being satisfied with the services.
  • Our prices our competitive which will ensure you that the services we provide will good value for your money.